Kathmandu, Nepal – April 19, 2023 – Nabil Bank Limited, a leading banking institution, is pleased to announce its partnership with Samsung, a global technology leader, to provide special cashback offers for Nabil Bank Visa Debit and Credit Cardholders. This collaboration aims to enhance customer experiences and offer greater affordability on the purchase of Samsung A 34 and A 54 smartphones.

Under this agreement, Nabil Bank cardholders can avail themselves of an enticing Rs 2000 cashback when buying Samsung A 34 and A 54 models at any authorized Samsung brand stores and retail outlets nationwide.

The partnership between Nabil Bank and Samsung is expected to create an excellent opportunity for cardholders to acquire cutting-edge smartphones from Samsung’s renowned product line at a more affordable price. By leveraging this collaboration, Nabil Bank aims to attract a wider customer base and provide enhanced benefits to its existing clientele.

Nabil Bank has always prioritized delivering innovative products and services to its valued customers. This strategic partnership with Samsung exemplifies the bank’s unwavering commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction. By combining Samsung’s exceptional smartphone technology with Nabil Bank’s reliable banking services, this collaboration creates a win-win situation for consumers.

Both Nabil Bank and Samsung are confident that this collaboration will enrich the overall customer experience, driving increased engagement and loyalty. The bank remains dedicated to pursuing strategic alliances that bring greater value and convenience to its customers.