IMS Group is the national distributor of Parakito, a French mosquito repellent brand that naturally protects against mosquitoes and ticks. PARAKITO is the leader in innovative natural mosquito protection, offering a line of differentiating high-quality devices. It offers range of products such as Wristband, Spray, Clip and Roll on. Without any skin contact, they represent an alternative, perfectly safe protection solution, particularly adapted to children, pregnant women and those with sensitive skin. Parakito is also Water & Sweat Resistant, Long-lasting, Environmental friendly, Plant based as well as Alcohol free.
The world is a wonderful place full of wonderful adventures. PARAKITO, wants its customer to embrace this world, to travel, to explore, to experience its joys, all whilst being naturally free from the worry or irritation of mosquitoes. PARAKITO equals protection – caring, natural, effective protection.
Parakito is now available exclusively on IMS Little Smiles Showrooms and SmartDoko as well.
Nepal’s first premium multi-brand outlet for toddlers and kids, IMS Little Smiles is located at 1 Durbar Mall, Durbar Marg and City Center, Kamalpokhari. The multi-brand outlet has top international brands like Dr. Brown’s, bbluv, Dreambaby, Himalaya Baby Care, Crane, FIMI, DJI, Energizer and Linearflux and other international and national brands as well.